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Pretty Pastel Lady.

Pretty Pastel Lady.

"There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart." - Jane Austen. 

Hello!! Welcome to The Sartorial Muse, a fashion blog where you'll get to see and read stories of inspiring style. Previously writing the blog: Muse Meileena, I started blogging as a way to share not only my personal style and the inspirations behind it, but also to share some insight to the process of discovering one's style, which can be an incredibly fun and fulfilling journey. I've truly enjoyed getting to know myself through fashion and I would love to help others see how they can do the same.

In photos of me (and most definitely of others) I want to showcase more than just myself - but rather - the inspiration behind the style, the story behind the design (as there often is one), and the person or people who made my clothing. As a blogger turned designer, starting first and foremost with a huge appreciation for design and craftsmanship, I've been able to shift so nicely from just a consumer to also a creator. I hope to share more collaborations, which is, in my opinion, the beauty of the fashion industry. Fashion itself is an intersection of so many artistic and technological fields - a.ka. passions - for many of us.

Without further ado: my first style post! First up, is this pretty pastel outfit I put together with a skirt designed and made by me, and a beautiful pastel pink ruffled top. Ruffles are definitely having a moment this spring and summer so I was overjoyed to pull out this favorite top by Alice Anna Co. Though this top is no longer available, she currently has some really amazing minimalistic designs that feature lovely details. Everything is designed and made in Los Angeles, California. I first discovered her line from one of my favorite local and independent boutiques - one that also heavily supports local and independent designers (more on this later!) - Gather, in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA. 

If you look closely you'll see that this skirt has pretty pastel ladies in a whimsical pastel garden printed on the knit skirt. I got this fabric from FabMo, an amazing organization that rescues fabric from being thrown away into landfills and makes it available for creative reuse. This was definitely one of my favorite finds!! I made it into a lovely flared skirt that I will treasure forever. 

These lovely photos were taken by Sergio Navarro in Downtown Mountain View, California. We just finished going through a set of photos Sergio took at my very first fashion show! I am very excited to share those with you as well! 

I wear these boots A LOT. I mean A LOT. Why? They are comfortable and go with everything. I got them over a year ago at Kohls in the clearance section. 

Before I go, you may be wondering? What's with the book quote? As a prolific reader - I have a habit of writing down all of my favorite quotes and I thought they'd fit nicely here. As for today's quote - I think it's important to think beyond yourself and be kind to others. I believe if you share your tender heart with the world and connect that with what you love - it can be incredibly powerful, and definitely charming.

Thank you for reading. 


Oh Deer.

Oh Deer.